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Five Animals Kung Fu Academy is a family-oriented community martial arts school. Our goal is to provide each student with a well rounded education in the Chinese Martial Art of Choy Lay Fut and to train each student in all areas of empty-hand forms, applications, weapons, self-defense, fighting, kickboxing, sparring, and competition.

Our instructors help each student to progress in becoming stronger, healthier, and more confident. Our classes are designed to ease new students in, while keeping the classes exciting and challenging for people of all ages and levels.



Benefits Through Martial Arts​:

  • Increase Physical Fitness

  • Develop Strength, Endurance, and Stamina

  • Improve focus and concentration

  • Gain Confidence

  • Improve Life Skills (respect, discipline, & persereverence)

  • Relief Stress

Fitness Bootcamp!

Saturdays @ 9am

Tuesdays @ 8pm

Try your 1st class for $10.

Women's Self-Defense Class and Workshop

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Learn to stay safe!

Five Animals Kung Fu Academy is proud to offer martial arts & fitness to West Portal/Parkside community. 

Kids and Adults are welcomed!

Are you ready for an exciting journey to a build a better you?


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Kung Fu or Kickboxing


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