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Classes are available for both children and adults from age 4 and up.  Our instructors help each student to progress in becoming stronger, healthier, and more confident. Our classes are designed to ease new students in, while keeping the classes exciting and challenging for people of all ages and levels.​

Our training will develop and increase:

  • Self Defense

  • Motor skills

  • Flexibility

  • Coordination

  • Speed

  • Power

  • Balance

As well as the mental and moral aspects, such as:

  • Focus

  • Concentration

  • Discipline

  • Respect

  • Honesty

  • Integrity

  • Determination

Tiger Team: (Ages 4-7)

The Tiger Team classes help preschoolers and grades k-1  develop motor skills, coordination, focus, discipline and balance.   The  Tiger Team class covers blocking and striking skills, listening drills, memorization of hand forms, and  kung fu obstacle course, making the Tiger Team class fun and exciting. The Tiger Team class helps transition young students into the junior classes.

Kids Kung Fu: Juniors (Ages 8-12)

Our kids kung fu program, fundamentals are developed. Our class structure covers all elements of curriculum.  Our curriculum focuses on stances, Choy Lay Fut techniques, practical self-defense techniques, traditional Kung Fu forms, weapons, padwork, and sparring, as well as physical conditioning, with life skills and character development.  Your child will develop concentration, confidence, discipline, and respect, while building physical fitness, coordination, and self-defense skills in our safe, fun, and positive environment.  Children who study martial arts do better in school, are more social, and are focused on having and achieving goals. 

Teens and Adults Kung Fu & Kickboxing (Ages 13 & up)

Whether you're looking to stay fit, lose weight,  increase energy and learn real practical self-defense, our Adult classes are designed to be dynamic and intense.


Students will learn traditional hand forms, traditional weapons, and practical applications.

Our sanshou/kickboxing covers punches and kicking combinations, throws, takedowns, padwork, and effective self-defense techniques .  Fitness and conditioning are integrated in the adult class to help you in top shape!

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