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Five Animals Kung Fu Competition Team Tat Wong Kung Fu Championship, Sunday, May 3, 2015

Congratulations to our Tat Wong Championship competitors. The school bought a team of 46 competitors to compete on May 3rd at the South San Francisco Conference. The tournament was hosted by our very own Grandmaster Tat Mau Wong's kung fu school. The tournament kicked off with lion dance, kung fu performances by Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy, and it's affiliated schools: Fiece Tiger Kung Fu, and Five Animals Kung Fu Academy. Our team bought back 39 Gold medals, 19 Silver medals, and 4 Bronze.

Lastly, great job to our demo team with their opening performances.

Sifu Alex and Sijeh Cindy are very proud to see everyone trained hard and doing their best they can be. A special celebration is in order!

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