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Five Animals Kung Fu Team competes in Las Vegas!

Congratulations to our team for competing at the ICMAC Las Vegas tournament on August 5, 2017. Sihing Daniel Hom led the team with a GOLD in the Advance Men's Traditional Hand Form division. Great job to team. By competing in any of ICMAC tourmments, competitors are qualified for regional and national rankings. Great job to our student competitors: Alexander Millauer-Hs,Lorelei Cortez, Peter Dignadice, Ryan Santiago, Pamela Lee, and Lucas Pollock.

Team results:

Sihing Daniel Hom - GOLD (Hand form)

Alexander Millaer-Hsu - 2 Bronze (Hand form & weapons)

Lorelei Cortez - GOLD

Peter Dignadice - GOLD

Ryan Santiago - Bronze

Pamela Lee - GOLD

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