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Kung Fu Quest E-Tournament Results

by Grandmaster Tat Mau Wong & Tat Wong Kung Fu International

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Great job to our Five Animals competitors with your medals. Our students competed virtually with our affiliated schools from Tat Wong Kung Fu-SF, Tat Wong Kung Fu-San Mateo, and schools from Conneticut, Brasil, and Chile .

Tiger Team Division (ages 0-5)

Kairan Trinh - Gold (Hand form)

Silas Eckland - Gold (Hand form)

Budda Taylor - Silver (Hand form)

Junior Beginners (ages 6-8)

Ceilo Chien - Silver (Hand form)

Joyce Taylor - Silver (Hand form)

Junior Intermediate (ages 9-10)

Maxton Stewart - Gold (Hand form), & Gold (weapons)

Ethan Trinh - Gold (Hand form)

Kaiden Villarosa - Silver (Hand form)

Jackson Kendall - Bronze (Hand form)

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