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Tiger Claw Elite Championship

A very big Congratulations to our competition team! Five Animals Kung Fu made our debut at TCEC in San Jose on May 6,2023. Our team bought back Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. Our big winner is Carey Woo who won 3 Gold medals plus the Grand Champion trophy for competing in 3 divisions , hand form, short weapon and long weapons.

Congratulations to our competitors in the Traditional Southern Kung Fu Divsions:

Abby Lee - Gold , Southern Hand Form

Sihing Ryan Chan - Gold, Southern Hand Form

Carey Woo - Gold (Southern Hand Form), Gold (Kung Fu Short Weapon), Gold (Kung Fu Long Weapon)

Sijeh Janice Deng - Silver, Southern Hand Form

Pamela Lee - Silver, Kung Fu Long Weapon

Kaiya Villarosa - Bronze, Southern Hand Form

Jackson Kendall - Bronze, Southern Hand Form

Maxton Stewart - Bronze, Kung Fu Long Weapon

Tiger Claw tournament clips and highlights.

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