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UC Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Tournament 2018

Great job to Five Animals Kung Fu competition team! On March 25, 2018, our team including Sihings Daniel Hom and Derek Fong did a fantastic job with their hard work and training bringing home medals at the annual CMAT event.

Team Results:

Sihing Daniel Hom - Gold (hand form)

Sihing Derek Fong - Gold (hand form)

Carey Woo - Gold (hand form), Silver (short weapons)

Lorelei Cortez - Gold (hand form), Silver (long weapons)

Olivia Aguirre - Gold (hand for)

Alana Dudely - Bronze (hand form)

Julia Pearl-Styles - Silver (hand form), Gold (long weapons)

Ryan Chan - Silver (hand form)

Ryan Lam - Gold (hand form)

Chase Chan - Gold (hand form)

Noah Gobaleza - Gold (hand form)

Pamela Lee - Gold (hand form)

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